A session will take place within 45 minutes to 1 hour.
There will be discussion time included after your session.
Please know that it is not important for me to know what ails you.
Prices are $125 per session
One to three sessions are recommended.


On the day of your session please dress comfortably.
The entire session will be performed while you are lying face-up, eyes closed, shoes off on a comfortable massage table.
I strongly suggest that you refrain from wearing any perfumes or perfumed lotions. 

Close your eyes, relax and let go.

How does it work?

Although we never know exactly how your healing will unfold or what will happen during a session, it is important to not attach ourselves to what we feel the outcome of the session should be. Universal Intelligence knows exactly what it is that our being needs to be brought back into balance. What we do know however, is that Reconnective Healing has been shown to work on “dis-ease”, ailments and maladies associated with all levels of human life. While we cannot guarantee what the outcome of your healing will be, you will receive the healing that is meant for you, even if it is not what you had anticipated. Your healing will last the duration of your lifetime. You will not have to make regular visits to continue the healing process. When you receive a healing through Reconnective Healing, that healing is “owned” in other words, it is permanent. The healing you experienced will not wear off after the session is over. It is yours.

How is it facilitated?

A Reconnective Healing session can be done in person or at a distance. The session is experienced while you are laying down, fully clothed on a massage table. You will have the opportunity to close your eyes and relax while you receive the healing session. The practitioner is there to facilitate the “hands off” healing session by aiding in accessing a broad spectrum of universal healing frequencies. The frequencies of Reconnective Healing enter the session and work with you on every level of your being helping to restore balance to every aspect of who you are. You will find the session very relaxing and free of any negative side effects. 

While you are on the table there is nothing that you need to do. Allow yourself to relax and receive. Know that you are receiving the level of healing that is most appropriate for you at this time. Please allow an hour for your session. Although the actual session will last about 45 min, you will have the opportunity to ask questions before and after your session. You may share anything that you experienced from your session if you wish. 

How many sessions do I need?

It is recommended that you have one to three healing sessions at any given point in your life. After this, you allow the healing to reveal itself to you over time as your body/life returns to balance. If after a few months have gone by and you feel that you would like to experience more healing sessions, you may return for one to three more.

For more information about Reconnective Healing® go to: www.thereconnection.com