Devon Sharon was born in southern California, and raised in Huntington Beach. Her mother is an interior designer, and her father is a writer. Her parents gave her a naturally creative ability as well as plenty of support and encouragement in the field that captivated her at such a young age. Beginning with after-school drawing instruction as a little girl, it was obvious to her family and instructors that this talent would outline her future. Through these classes, Devon was published at age 11, in the book "Drawing with Children and Teens" (Mona Brooks). She continued through high-school with a special arts program, and after freshmen year was accepted to a summer camp at Cal Arts College in Los Angeles, receiving awards from the state of California. Devon went on to earn her Bachelor's Degree in drawing and painting at California State University of Long Beach and briefly studied in Florence, Italy. She emerged as a daring figurative painter having earned the respect of her professors and fellow painters.

Sharon's paintings are in response to being raised in Orange County and nearby Los Angeles. Growing up in an area with such importance placed on provocative female imagery and physical beauty, has inspired her social critique and discussion of important woman's issues. She raises up the female figure in all of it's forms, finding the beauty in all of it's flaws and variations. Her work has been referred to as "contemporary in the line of Courbet" and her painting quality holds to the same standard as the character of the women in the piece. She believes firmly in traditional training and the importance of both individual voice and craftsmanship in the painting process.

Over the past 5 years she has focused on her most important creations, her 4 1/2 year-old son and 2 1/2 year-old daughter. As a stay-at-home mom she began creating baby mobiles, first for each child and then for her etsy store:

Devon Sharon currently lives, creates and paints in Breckenridge, Colorado.

My Journey

After my first experience with Reiki in 2005, I realized that everything I had believed up until that point could be confirmed. I strongly believe in the connection we all share with the world around us, people, plants, animals and everything known and unknown. Studying Reiki and achieving the Level I and Level II certifications was bringing me closer to my inner-healer. 
After becoming introduced to Eric Pearl and Reconnective Healing®, I truly felt "connected" to THE source of self-healing, self-awareness and self-discovery. This for me, is one of the highest forms of healing energy we can have access to and facilitate for others. 
Over the past few years I have begun a regular practice of Kundalini yoga which has helped me to release old and negative beliefs. I have experienced many healings from others and self-healings through Shamanic journey and connected breathing. 
Now that I have the tools and the experience, I am excited to share information, light, the Reconnective Healing® frequency and experience with others who are just beginning their own journey.

My Experience with Reconnective Healing®

I began my healing studies with reiki
and despite two levels of certification,
I never felt it was enough of a “connection” for me.
After studying Reconnective Healing® with Eric Pearl,
I was amazed at how palpable these frequencies were
and how they affected my own body!
It became obvious how much more powerful this is than
any other healing modality offered today.
I was also lucky enough to be a test subject for some of the
many reknowned scientists studying these frequencies.

Not even a month after my own
Reconnective Healing®,
my boyfriend proposed, we were buying a home in Breckenridge
and he was commited to starting a family with me.
Everything I wanted just started falling into place.

-Devon Sharon